Privacy Policy and Notice for Usage of Personal Data


1.     Purpose of Policy and Notice

This Privacy Policy and Notice is issued as part of 1STOP GOLD SDN BHD (1STOP GOLD)’s commitment to comply with provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

2.   Consent

By virtue of you opening an account with 1STOPGOLD, you have consented to the provision, processing and disclosure of all personal data and information as set out in the relevant form (s).

3.   Provision of Personal Data to 1STOP GOLD

Your are required, for the purpose of opening an account with 1STOP GOLD (as the case may be), to provide 1STOP GOLD with certain personal data and information belonging to you or any other relevant person (s).

Examples of personal data may include name, NRIC number, address, telephone number, e-mail address, age, gender, occupation, photographs or images etc. Personal data may also include sensitive personal information relating to religious beliefs and criminal conviction (if any).

Failure to supply such personal data and information may result in 1STOP GOLD being unable to open, establish, continue or provide services to you.

In this regard, 1STOP GOLD  shall only collect personal data and information that we believe to be relevant and required, in order to conduct our business and provide you with better customer services.

4.   Purpose of Use

Personal data and information that you provide will be used for the following purpose :

.        for any purpose directly related to the Agreement entered into with 1STOP GOLD; and

.        as part of 1STOP GOLD’s record.

Personal data and information referred above may be extended to 1STOP GOLD’s agents, associate companies, regulatory authorities and government agencies.

5.   Limitation of Use

Personal data and information provided by you will not be processed for any other purpose contrary to what is set out in Paragraph 4.0 above. 1STOP GOLD will not disclose personal data and information obtained to any other third party without your consent unless required by law or by any regulatory bodies.

1STOPGOLD shall further ensure that the personal data and information processed shall not be kept for any longer period than required for the purpose of fulfilling its obligation under the Agreement entered between the parties.

6.   Data Security

1STOP GOLD shall strive at all times to ensure that your personal data and information will be protected against unauthorized access, processing or erasure by implementing appropriate safeguards to secure your personal data. To this end, 1STOP GOLD shall maintain strict security systems designed to protect your personal data and information.

All our staff and third parties with permitted access to your information shall also be required to observe 1STOP GOLD’s confidentiality obligations.

7.   Your Rights

Please note that while you are not obliged to provide personal data and information as requested, failure to do so will naturally impair the opening of your account and dealings with 1STOP GOLD (as the case may be).

You are entitled to request a copy of any personal data and information provided and may correct any error or inaccuracy and provide further detail where such information is incomplete. 

You may also be required, from time to time and where applicable, to update the personal data and information provided, to ensure that such information remains correct, complete and accurate.

8.   Access and Inquiries

1STOP GOLD  aims to keep your personal data and information on our records accurate and up-to-date. In view thereof, please do not hesitate to contact 1STOP GOLD at the following address or telephone number for any request for access, inquiry or complaint in relation to this notice or your personal data and information :

Address :            1Stop Gold Sdn Bhd

                          B-6-8 Megan Avenue 1,

                          189, Jalan Tun Razak,

                          50400 Kuala Lumpur


                          Tel  :           603 2172 8680

                          Fax :            603 2172 8690

                          Attention : Ms Wong Siew Mooi  / Ms Iris Lau